Art & Design Ltd.
Larry Hunter
A    f  e  w    w  o  r  d  s    a  b  o  u  t    m  e  .  .  .                                                         
I have worked as a freelance artist  and designer for the past 30 years.
Born and raised in Vancouver BC, I opened my first studio in 1980.
Advancements in computer technology allowed me to move away from
the Greater Vancouver  area and in 1995 I relocated with my wife and
children to the South Okanagan Valley near the  popular resort town of  
Penticton   ( a Salish word meaning " A place to stay forever" )
My work covers a broad range of styles and media but  visual  "impact "
is really the goal of most commercial art applications.

This is especially true of mural work, one of my specialties. Composition,
colour and contrast are what will create an eye-catching piece and set a
good mural apart from the rest.

My passion for Architecture and design has led me to another favourite
pursuit ... that of architectural illustration. Here, as with my mural work,
I use a slightly loose, impressionist style that evokes an emotional
impact while maintaining a strong sense of realism through colour, light
and shadow.
The first twenty years of my career were spent perfecting traditional illustration skills in media  such
as airbrush and watercolour
. The skills and disciplines learned over those years have served me well
in the computer age.

While I still work with traditional media, computer graphics has enhanced the art world tremendously.
I use the Adobe Suite programs extensively for raster and vector-based illustration. I e-mail and
transfer art files to clients around the globe.
A partial list of commercial clients include;

Molson's Canada              The Cities of;
Harley Davidson                White Rock
Australian Outback          Penticton
Ironman Canada                Summerland
Habitat for Humanity         Oliver
Trans Canada Trail           Naramata
Van  Morrison                    Prince George
Bryan  Adams                    Sylvan Lake AL
Dire Straits                        Bonnyville  AL
Pattison Group                 Spruce Grove AL
Photo - Rick Gray Photography