Hey Doreen!   Lacombe, Alberta     2018                16 x 100 ft.
The Lacombe Arts Endowment Committee
chose this unsightly wall as the candidate for
their next mural project.  My proposal was
chosen and the committee liked my idea of
digitally printing the mural on 4x8 sheets of
vinyl and aluminum composite panels (ACP).
The wall needed to be strapped with
1x4's on precisely 2 foot centres.

The panels were then fastened to
the strapping.

This digital technique allows me to
create the image in the comfort of
my studio far from the wall site.

The client sees exactly what the
mural will look like beforehand.

We installed the mural in 6 days in
mid-October, too late in the year to
consider doing a painted mural .

I then turned my concept sketch (below) . . .
. . .into a finished illustration that we printed onto sheets of vinyl which in turn were laminated onto 50 sheets of ACP.