Graphic Recording or
Graphic Facilitation

involves capturing
people's ideas and
expressions in words,
images and color as
they are being
spoken in the
It is a perfect tool for
bridging the world of
visual thinking and
language for it helps
to illuminate how we
as people connect,
contribute, learn and
make meaning
The poster shown below
was the result of a
Visioning exercise held
by the
Okanagan -
Similkameen School
District # 53. The 2-day
experience was distilled
down to its Mission
Statement, Vision of the
future, Core values and
integral philosophies.
The finished poster
provides a visual record
of the event and a
pictoral guide that all
participants can focus on
and refer to. Ideal for
interactive websites.
Initial design
generated at the
one of several
sketches used
for the final
poster design.
Art & Design Ltd.
Larry Hunter
G r a p h i c  R e c o r d i n g   &  F a c i l i t a t i o n                                            
Finished poster